Community Policing

Lake County, Ohio

Community Policing / Crime Prevention


A message from Sergeant Roger Loveland, Project Coordinator:

“As the Sheriff=s Office co-coordinator for community operations, my various tasks relate directly to our efforts to provide the safest environment for the public.  We assist the public by providing a number of programs and services which are intended to educate the residents on public safety concerns.  Highlighted on this page are some of the initiatives that support our efforts.   Through experience and specialized training in crime prevention,  we are able to offer ideas which can ultimately provide a more secure and safer neighborhood or workplace.”


The phrase “Crime prevention is everybody=s business@ is probably best exemplified through a program called Neighborhood Watch or Block Watch.   In today’s world where often both parents within a household are working, the Neighborhood Watch program helps to provide a framework for being the eyes and ears for the police.   Neighborhood Watch groups are formed with the assistance of this office to help residents of a street become better acquainted and to familiarize them with their neighbors.  It serves to educate residents on  how to identify unusual or suspicious activity on their streets and provides a communications network for reporting them. 

The Neighborhood Watch program has been proven to decrease the criminal activity through resident involvement.  Over the years, law enforcement has found the assistance from neighborhood watch members invaluable in their investigations and often instrumental in solving crimes.    We, at the Sheriff=s Office, would welcome the opportunity to participate in a Neighborhood Watch organizational meeting in your neighborhood.  A resident interested in starting a neighborhood watch may contact this office for assistance in setting up the meeting. 

The National Sheriff=s Association has a new web page offering additional information about the National Neighborhood Watch program:    This web page provides information to assist with counter-terrorism initiatives throughout the U.S. 


Understanding what type of locks, lighting, or other security hardware necessary for your home is important.   These concerns are addressed in a neighborhood watch organizational meeting.   Additionally, this office may be contacted and arrangements made for a residential security survey to be conducted at an individual house.  We can offer ideas specific to your situation that will enhance the security of your home. 


Adequate security hardware is equally important for a business as it is in your home.  Target Hardening is a term used to describe methods of increasing the effectiveness of intrusion resistance for a business establishment.  A business security survey can be conducted of your business and can offer ideas for improving the security the premises. 


This office routinely offers information through various media or speaking engagements that provides safety tips for adults and/or children. We have instructed thousands of youngsters on the concern for Stranger Danger and how to avoid being victimized.   Safety while traveling on vacation or during the holiday season are often addressed (as well as how to avoid being victimized walking at night).  Issues involving crimes against the elderly and how to avoid them are priorities.


Citizens age 55 years and older may participate in the A55/Alive Mature Driving Course@ which may be hosted by the Lake County Sheriff=s Office.   This 8 hour classroom course is offered in two 4 hour sessions (a couple weeks apart) and offers mature drivers training which can help maintain their driving skills.  The AARP provides classroom materials and an instructor for this program. 


The Sheriff=s Office conducts a number of safety training programs from elementary school age children through high school students.  While many programs are conducted annually, this office does respond to requests by school teachers or an administrators program requests which are directed toward a specific issue or concern.   Some of those programs are performed by Deputies assigned to Riverside High School and/or Auburn Career Center as School Resource Officers. 


The Lake County Sheriff=s Office has participated in the Ohio Department of Public Safety=s Third Grade Safety Belt Program since 1993.  During a typical school year, this program is presented to as many as 600 third grade students.   The students are educated on the proper way to wear their seat belts as well as other safety issues while riding in a car.   This well received program continues to provide Deputies quality time with young people while teaching them valuable safety lessons. 


The Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program is a safety program designed to teach elementary age students the danger of guns.   The kids are taught a simple 4 step method of avoiding the possibility of serious injury or death when they find a gun: STOP, DON=T TOUCH, LEAVE THE AREA, AND TELL AN ADULT.   We emphasize that guns are not toys and should not be handled except by a responsible adult who is capable of properly securing a firearm.  Included in the handouts is an important message to parents which reminds them to make sure all guns and ammunition have been properly secured within the home. 


When requested, the Sheriff=s Office has presented bike safety training to young people which offers many safety tips and laws of the road.  A bike safety manual provided by the Ohio Department of Public Safety helps to teach those important rules.   Emphasis is placed on the use of a bike helmet and rewards to young riders are given in the form of a Safety Citation.   When patrolling Deputies observe a young rider wearing their helmet, they may stop that person and reward them with a token gift to reinforce their good habits. 

The Sheriff=s Community Operations Deputies have participated in Safety Town programs throughout Lake County on an annual basis.  In those programs, young children are given instruction on a wide variety of safety issues which may also include Railroad safety and water  safety. 


The Sheriff=s Community Operations Office performs a variety of tasks which provide direct support to other divisions of the Sheriff=s Office.  As part of a team approach, this office works with patrol division Deputies, Detective bureau Deputies, Communications Division staff, and Corrections Division officers to solve problems and assist the public.  Whenever possible, this office attempts to help identify community problems that can lead to criminal behavior.   Efforts can then be made to resolve those problems which can ultimately reduce or eliminate criminal activity.     Collaborative efforts between individuals, various groups and organizations also contribute to our community policing goals.   The Sheriff=s Office is proactive in problem solving efforts as members of the Lake County Task Force on Crime Prevention,   the Lake County Hispanic Task Force, the Lubrizol Community Advisory Panel, and the Perry Community Action Team.