Adult Detention Facility

Statistics and Services

Visitation Schedule                                                       Jail Facility Past-Present-Future

Jail Opened in January 1990

•                     Certifications

First Jail in Ohio to be certified as being in total compliance with all 313 Minimum Jail Standards for the State of Ohio

•           Average Daily Population 352

Inmate Population Description

  • 275 Lake County Inmates
  • 76 Federal Marshal Prisoners
  • 304 Male Inmates
  • 48 Female Inmates
  • 201 Felons & Federal InmatesJail Front Lobby-Click to Enlarge
  • 153 Misdemeanors
  • Avg. Length of Stay is 25 Days

   Inmate Programming Offered:

Ø                   GED /  Library

Ø                   Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation

70% of the Inmates completing the Program do not return within the 1st year of release

Ø                   Religious Services

Ø                   Mental Health Counseling

Ø                    House Arrest

Ø                   Bible Study

Ø                   Family Development

Ø                   Community Service

Ø                   Work Release

Ø                   AA & NA Meetings

•                   Medical Services

The jail’s medical program (mandated by State Law) includes care by a doctor, nurses, dentist, mental health counselor, and psychiatrist. 

•                   Food Services

All inmate meals are prepared in-house.  The cooks prepare over 

1,100 meals per day.  All meals are prepared based on a menu 

approved by the State Dietician.

•                   Inmate Workers

Inmate Workers (Trustees) do all of the cleaning in the facility, all laundry, clean in the kitchen area, paint , and wash all vehicles

•                   Revenue Generated by the Jail for Lake County:

   Since 1993, $18 Million Dollars has been returned to the General Fund from rented jail space to Federal and Out-Of-County Agencies

  Since 1995, over $1 Million Dollars has been returned to the General Fund from Inmate Phone System commissions.

    In 2001, generated over $75,000 in revenue by billing inmates for their stay in jail.