Road Patrol

The Road Patrol Division of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office has a total of 42 full-time and 20 part-time deputy sheriff’s. Of those, there are four sergeants, three lieutenants and one executive lieutenant.

The patrol division patrols the unincorporated area’s of Lake County to include, Leroy Township., Perry Township, Painesville Township and Concord Township. These areas encompass approximately 86 square miles and a population of approximately 45,000.

In 1999, the patrol division had 39,683 incidents requiring deputy response.  Included with these were traffic citations/warnings (6,803) and business checks.   In 1999 the patrol division handled 437 domestic disputes resulting in 102 domestic arrests, 29 which involved weapons, one of which was a firearm. We also made 510 driving under suspension arrests and 92 OMVI arrests. 1065 Traffic crashes were handled by the patrol division, 230 of which were injury accidents, 248 private property crashes and two fatalities.

Also in 1999, the division served 761 arrest warrants. Of those, 22 were on juveniles, 332 were misdemeanor offenses and 407 were felony offenses.

Anyone who has any questions about the patrol division may call Executive Lt. Ron Radovanic at ( 440 ) 350-5507. If there are concerns in your neighborhood, you may contact dispatch at ( 440 ) 354-3434 or ( 440 ) 354-4317.   For an emergency dial 911. You may call the Lake County Sheriff’s Office anytime at ( 440 ) 350-5620.